About Us

About Us

Dark Horse Arts and Gifts was conceived in July 2008 by Glenn and Jeanie
Schreider as a means to help Gina produce and sell her ceramic artwork.

Why Dark Horse?

First, we like the name! Jeanie has had an incredible love of animals all her life and rode her own horse in jumping competitions as an adolescent. She has owned and cared for horses, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs and cats. She has rescued animals from pounds and
adopted pets through animal rescue services. Together, Glenn and Jeanie have adopted 5 rescue kittens. Although she doesn’t ride regularly anymore, horses remain a particular passion of hers.

Second, the term ‘dark horse’ was originally coined to refer to a political candidate who was unknown, yet managed to win an election against all the odds. Nowadays, the term is used for anyone who fits that description. Since Gina beat her breast cancer against great odds, to in fact be healthier today than she was before her disease, we feel that the name fits particularly well.

Why Art?

Art is creative, interactive, and engaging. Positive messages in art can transcend political, social and economic boundaries. Anyone, no matter who they are or where they come from can appreciate good art. Such art can bring joy and happiness into people’s lives.

Art also gives a creative outlet for many individuals who would otherwise have no such opportunities to express themselves in such a rewarding way. There is nothing more satisfying than using your talents and skills to create something others can appreciate,  admire and find pleasure in.

Glenn had an above average talent for creating unique art projects in school, but never honed his skills. He later worked in his father’s frame shop and art gallery and there learned a great deal about the handling, caring for, and displaying of quality art in all forms. His framing design incorporated many out-of-the-box ideas which kept clients coming back with all their pieces. He also worked with several designers in designing the framing and installation of art in schools, hospitals, etc.

For over 20 years, both of us worked in management for an air freight company in Los Angeles, California. Glenn and Jeanie moved to Arizona in May of 2008. In addition to creating Dark Horse Arts and Gifts, they have several other online businesses which are involved with helping others create income, improve their health and quality of life as well as helping to increase the overall social consciousness of humanity.

Through other cooperative projects, Glenn was presented with an opportunity to become an ordained minister and completed the requisite requirements in September 2008. Together, Glenn and Jeanie are committed to not only raising the quality of their own lives, but as many other lives (all life) as they possibly can with their work. A portion of ALL profits will be donated to various charities that promote a better life for children, peace, medical advancement, alternative energy resources, and that help improve our communities, our countries, and our world.

Addendum to the above: Jeanie tragically passed away in September of 2012 after almost 2 years of battling cancer. Her mother, Gina, and Glenn still create high quality ceramics in the tradition of Jeanie’s high standards.

We greatly appreciate your support as we strive to help make our community and the world a little better through the creation of art as well as through the art of giving.

Dark Horse Arts and Gifts is a sole proprietorship. However, if you would like to help support our efforts directly, please contact sales@darkhorsestore.com. Thank you.

grateful appreciation,

Glenn and Jeanie Schreider


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  1. I ordered the large ceramic Christmas tree base and couldn’t be more please with the quality. It came ready to use, so that was a huge bonus if you don’t have the materials or time to paint and glaze. Would highly recommend Dark Horse and their products.

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